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About Us

Who are we?

I’m Anette, the mum / designer behind Wondermade…
And my passion is simple.
I wanted something different to put on my kids walls. And all our walls, in fact. Yet, it couldn’t be permanent, and I didn’t want to repaint bedrooms when my kids (or myself) grew out of a ‘stage’.

Who am I…

While I’ve been in Australia for over 20 years, I originally hailed from Denmark.
I have three children, aged 7, 9 and 11.
I love Scandinavian design. Think modern, white walls, minimalist décor with retro teak furniture.
When it came to decorating my kids rooms – I wanted fun, educational and inspirational, without looking ‘childish’ but with the flexibility to change things whenever I wanted.
I also wanted to be able to put them anywhere in our home, as we felt the need, without them ever looking out of place.
The wall decals and stickers I wanted, just didn’t exist – so I created them.

Unique Designs…

These designs fall into several categories – inspirational quotes, education, height charts, photo decals and personalised designs. Some have been
designed to be minimalist in style, others vintage or whimsical. Either way, there’s always something to fit into any household or any room.

Emotional intelligence (and happier households)…

I have a real passion for teaching my kids about their emotions, and what to do with them, so we can do our best to maintain a harmonious household. But I also want to enable them to feel empowered, within themselves, so they can face the big wide world with confidence!

Our awesome Emotions poster decal, along with our empowering quotes and affirmations, can help inspire conversations with your kids, to help them be happier and healthier, every single day.

Proudly Supporting Motor Neurone Research…

At Wondermade, we donate part of each sale, To Motor Neurone Research. Motor Neurone Disease (MND) is a horrible disease, and sadly my brother-in-law passed away from this awful condition, to which there is currently no cure.

I would love that cure to be found, and therefore support this mission.